❀This Cruel & Beautiful World❀


"He is trash"

"He only cares about food"

"He has no feelings for Kaneki, he just wants to eat him"image

"How can he kill with a smile on his face? Omg, heartless"

"Why does he look so much like a girl? Gross"

"He’s a psycho, he doesn’t have feelings at all"


"What a cold person"

"She’ve lost a partner and a classmate and she doesn’t cry?"

"Heartless bitch"


"What a baby"

"Damn he’s hot"

"Uwah, he’s hella strong, amazing!"


Don’t be fooled by appearances


 #clearly the look of someone who should never be a firebender but is

Why don’t we make a deal?


(It’s like 8800 km)

Zankyou no Terror / Gifset per episode.

↳ Episode 01 - Falling.

we had this cheer-dance competition at our school and at the ending of the program, these balloons had promos stuck on them but they all fell only in those areas. it pissed me off.